The goal was to create an audiovisual piece to promote the Platinum Playlist
(a playlist filled with various music genres featuring current artists),
which would showcased in the stadiums where the Soccer "Liga MX" is played in the USA.
Okay, let's begin. Let's start with the storyboard.

What if the dance battle is not a common battle?
What if we only see opposing jerseys doing their best moves!
Ok, let's try it, since we won't be seeing characters, we need to define the colors of the teams that will face each other. Let's look at some options;

Now, let's look at how we made it a reality.

Step one: 
Finding professional dancers who could dance to all kinds of musical genres.

Step two: 
Record the dancers performing different dance moves wearing Chroma Key VFX Suits.

Step three:
Let's make the magic begin!

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