¡The most Bacana beer of all arrived in Colombia! Its refreshing flavor, its beautiful green color and its price makes it perfect for the young people of the country. That is why we wanted to connect with this target refreshing our visual universe that we call: Electric Bacana. Inspired by the vibrant colors, the relaxed plans and the youthful spirit that characterizes us.

Chief Creative Officer: Alejandro Benavides
Creative Directors: David Rodríguez / Jackson Niño
Art Director: Julián Sánchez / Diego Silva / David Beltrán
Copywriter: Carlos Lezama / Juan Pablo Landinez / Andrés Nuñez
Motion Graphic: Luz Cárdenas
Planner: Estefanía Parra
Product Shoots (video & photo): Latina Studio
Film Production: Ochurus
Photographer: Milos Nasio
Film Directors: Milos Nasio
Edition: Juan Pablo Landinez

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