Presentation of the campaign, by Geometry Costa Rica / Geometry Mexico.

CGI Images by Latina Studio

If you think a package use excessive rubbish,
take a picture and post it, 
use the #RubbisRubbish hashtag,
the #RubbishRubbish movement born in Costa Rica,
will look for sustainable packaging solutions
to later be implemented
and eliminate that #RubbisRubbish

Help, it's easy !

Si piensas que un empaque usa basura excesiva,
toma una fotografía y postéala usando 
el hashtag #PlasticoInnecesario,
el movimiento #RubbishRubbish nacido en Costa Rica,
buscará soluciones de empaque sostenibles
para implementarlas posteriormente
y eliminar ese #PlasticoInnecesario

¡ Ayudar es muy fácil !

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